DC Glass Gallery

Rick Skunk   November 17, 2017   No Comments on DC Glass Gallery

DC Glass Gallery , now open 2625 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC . We have the largest selection of water pipes & heady glass in the city . Open daily 10am to 11pm

Gordo Scientific, Joel Halen , Quave and tons of dab tools in addition to water pipes from Zob Glass Rohr Glass, Blown Glass , Gravity Glass , Mathematical glass , Hitman , to name a few . Heady glass from Justin Carter , Salt , Taffey , Hilman Glass , Budder , Clc Glass , Liz Wright ,Bigz , Cowboy , Reed , MRE Glass , Slate Glass , Cody Carol , Jekyll, Hybrid Glass , Hurricane Glass just to name a few.

Website: http://www.dcglassgallery.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DC-Glass-Gallery/110388766341543

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