The FunkyPiece Holiday Gift Guide – Everything $100 and Under!

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The FunkyPiece Holiday Gift Guide - Everything $100 and Under!

The FunkyPiece Holiday Gift Guide – Everything $100 and Under!

With the holidays right around the corner, and our awesome new web store up and running, we figured we would let you know about some affordable gift ideas this holiday season! Shop all of these items, plus hundreds of other products in store or on our website. Your friends and loved ones will be sure to thank you!

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Crystal Hand Pipes

These hand pipes are super in right now. Whether you are into crystals or just want something stylish to smoke out of, we have these in many different stone types… Plus tons of other hand pipes!See More…

Rolling Papers

An awesome stocking stuffer for the smokers in your life… Shop these and many other varieties on our website!

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Argyle Dog Leash

Don’t leave out your furry friends! We love dogs here at FunkyPiece so we sell leashes, collars, and other fun pet accessories! Check them all out!See More…

RAW Socks

Keep your toes nice and warm this winter with these iconic RAW Socks! Cozy with the RAW Logo knit into them, these are an excellent gift idea for your fellow rolling aficionado! Check out these and the other apparel we have to offer!

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Green Cookies Grinder

This Cookies and Santa Cruz shredder collaboration is a great gift for any smoker! We have these, along with other grinders available in lots of colors so there is something for everyone!See More…

Festival of Lights Hand Pipe

Hannukah isn’t over yet! Grab this Festival of Lights pipe for your friends and see how long your bowl will stay burning! Probably not 8 whole days but you can always re-pack it! Check out this and our hundreds of other hand pipes for sale!

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Baking Brownies Candle

Fake out Santa with this delicious-smelling Brownie-scented candle! Your house will smell lovely even after a smoke sesh! Check out this and our other air freshening products!See More…

O.Pen Adjustable Vape Battery

The O.Pen is one of our favorite auto-draw vape pen batteries on the market and makes a great gift! Check it out and the other awesome vaporizers we carry!

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