Pre-order The Rosinator Extractor 2.0

Rosinator Extractor 2.0

Pre-order The Rosinator Extractor 2.0

The Rosinator is a next level oil extraction press! Designed to pull the highest yields of the highest quality oils from your favorite herbs. The Rosinator is made for 20-30+ tons of pressure and delivers up to 3500 psi!! High pressure allows you to use much lower temps than many other presses. For flowers and whole herbs we suggest 30+ tons for the highest yields. 100% made in the USA with a powerful steel body, stainless steel heat plates. Watlow heat cartridges, thermocouple, and digital PID control box included.

The Rosinator comes with our patent pending heat plates and rack system which allows for easy loading and unloading of oils. Magnets on the loading rack hold the herbs and parchment securely in place. The Rosinator is modifiable and will continue to transform alongside this evolving tech.

Necessary equipment (not included)

  • 20 Ton H frame hydraulic press
  • Air compressor that delivers 110psi
  • 20 Ton air over hydraulic jack

Disclaimer: All Rosinator’s are made to order and non-refundable. Due to the high demand Rosinators generally, ship 8-12 weeks from your purchase date. 

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