Budtender Certification and Training

If you are unable to attend a local training event or mobility is an issue, there are several respected companies that offer online training. We are going to highlight four of those companies and courses they offer.

Budtender Certification

Greencultured Budtender Certification educates students on all the important aspects of medical marijuana so that they may make educated decisions for their own health and compassionate recommendations for the patients that they serve.

You will get an inside look into the most popular and sought after position in a medical marijuana dispensary, the “Budtender.”

  • As a budtender, are you asking for the right documents?
  • Are your budtenders following the right procedures?

The industry is rapidly growing in legitimacy.

This certification will provide you with the skill-set and knowledge as it relates to the various strains of medical marijuana.

You will be recognized as an industry professional and gain advance knowledge to provide your patients the vital information they need in order to suit their medicating needs.

Learn more about getting Greencultured Budtender Certification.

Trichome Institute

Want to take more ownership of your next cannabis experience? Interpening can help. Join us for a 2 hour event led by cannabis expert, Max Montrose, to better understand cannabis quality and effect on a user. Learn first hand how to assess bud quality, variety type, and more.

THC University Cannabis Products a Sales Training for Budtenders

Budtender Training by Trichome Institute

THC University offers several certifications depending on what aspect of the industry interests you the most.

  • Horticulture Specialist Certification
  • Budtender Certification
  • Cannabis Business Certification
  • Safety and Regulations Certification: CO
  • Safety and Regulations Certification: WA
  • Cannabis Products Course










Cannabis Training University

The Only Marijuana College with a Complete Curriculum that Covers ALL Areas of the Industry!

This is an exciting time for the medical marijuana industry. Many areas of the USA, Canada, and around the world, are reforming their marijuana laws, leaving a massive opportunity for qualified marijuana professionals. Now thanks to CTU, no matter where you live – you can get in on the ground floor with expert cannabis training. As the world’s largest and leading online marijuana school, we offer a complete curriculum for all skill levels.

Courses include:

  • How To Grow Cannabis Indoors & Outdoors
  • Cannabis Cooking & Extractions
  • Cannabis Laws & Regulations
  • Cannabusiness, Dispensary Operations, Marijuana Delivery Services
  • Budtending, Cannabis Jobs, Cannabis Resume’s, Cannabis Business Plans
  • Marijuana as Medicine