Bradley Miller Quartz Swing and Adjustable Dial Combo (9040)

Bradley Miller Quartz Swing and Adjustable Dial Combo (9040)

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Fully Adjustable Angle – Medical-Grade Stainless Steel – All Parts Made in the USA – Bradley Miller’s Initials Engraved into Dial – O-Rings Lock Into Place – Hex Tool Included –

We collaborated with Bradley Miller to create these beautiful quartz and stainless steel honeybuckets. These beasts have excellent aroma transfer and are fully adjustable for either left or handed swinging! The medical-grade stainless steel dial is expertly crafted by NewVape to accept Bradley Millers Quartz. The swing angle is adjustable via a small hex screw in the dial, and can work with nearly any setup that will accept the dial.

The silicone rubber grommets sit in a groove we cut into the metal, so they will always stay exactly where you want them to.

Of course we provide an adjustment allen/hex key with your order!

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