Compact 20-Ton Rosin Press (9079)

Compact 20-Ton Rosin Press (9079)

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– ErrlPress Frame (2881)
– 4 Flat Coils (9052)
– 2 Double Enail Controllers (9098)
– 10,000 PSI Gage
– Please specify 6″ Round or 4″ x 6″ Rectangular press plates in coments of order (2879 or 2941)
– 6″ round plates will be shipped by default if left unspecified.
– Insulator Plates
– 20 Ton Pneumatic / Hand Hydraulic Pump
– 10x 3×5 filter bags 120 mesh (9119)
– Customized Pump Valve Wrench (2912)
– Customized Pump Handle (2949)
– Plate Adapter (2927)
– Thermometer (9071)
– The crate weighs 180 pounds and it’s dimensions are 25″ x 24″ x 26″ tall.
– The shipping that is included in the price is LTL and usually takes 7 business days to cross the country.
– This will be a liftgate, pallet jack delivery so If your shipping to a business it usually arrives faster.
– Ships in 5 Business Days
– SKU 9079

We believe in Maximum Extraction. With our 20 ton presses, you can be sure your extracting every last big of goodness out of your flowers.

Now anyone can make their very own completely solventless botanical extracts with NewVape’s ErrlPress Solventless Rosin Press Extractor! Utilizing the rosin technique of applying pressure and heat to extract the concentrated goodness out of your favorite dry flowers. The system is simple to use, and the entire process only takes a few minutes!

We get a ton of requests for a complete press system, and now its finally ready to unleash on the world. This complete Rosin Press system-in-a-box contains everything you need to get going, except what you’re pressing! Assembly only takes a few minutes: unload the box, assemble the frame and plate/heater setup, then align the press, lock it all down and get pressing! Tools Required: Drill, 3/4 inch wrench. Allen hex key is included for Plate/Heater setup.

How does it work? Through thorough testing we’ve found that you just can’t have enough pressure, so we went with a 20-ton pneumatic press to ensure you get every last drop out of your material. The included air compressor ensures you don’t need to do all the work yourself. The Errlpress Plates are heated via 4 Enail induction coils, which are embedded in the plates. Temperature is fully controllable so you can go as low as you want to get the most terpine transfer.

With 4in diameter plates, you can press quite a bit of material at once. Our plates are medical grade stainless steel cut super thick to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Now get pressing, & GO SOLVENTLESS!

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