Tips On How To Use Your Vaporizers Efficiently

Tips On How To Use Your Vaporizers Efficiently

In the marijuana community, vaping has become the latest trend. It provides both medical and recreational benefits to the users. Unlike smoking a bong and lighting a joint, vaping provides a safer alternative.

However, there are rookies who get confused by the complexity of the vaporizers. They have struggles in using it appropriately. Thus, to make sure that you get the best experience in using the vaporizer, it is important to know it works first. Next, check out the tips below on how to vape effectively:

Make Sure to Preheat the Vape

To have the best results out of the weed vaporizers, make sure that you let it reach its ideal temperature. Vaping works like cooking. You don’t want to put your whole chicken in a cold oven.

Thus, you should take some time in preheating your vaporizer. You can do this while preparing other things. With this, you can be able to enjoy thick draws.

Use the Dry Weeds Only

When you use the vaporizer, make sure that your bud has the proper moisture content. This is the same when you are smoking. Since the vaporizers work at lower temperatures and don’t burn the cannabis, you must use a dry weed than the normal.

Before you put it in your chamber, make sure that the weed is not too moist. You can do this by pressing the bud in your fingers and check how it responds to your touch.

Grind it Finely

To have the best results of your vaporizer, it is best if you grind properly your weed. You can use a high-quality grinder. However, you can also try any other methods as long s it creates a medium and even grind.

Don’t grind your weed into a powder because this might not vaporize accordingly. Moreover, don’t put a whole bud in the chamber because this will lead to poor results. Make sure that you grind your weeds evenly to make sure that it vaporizes just well.

Pack it Tightly

One of the mistakes of rookies is they fail to pack the weed tightly into the chamber. As such, make sure that the chamber is tightly packed so you can be able to produce heavy and thick draws.

The amount of weed to pack in your weed vaporizers will depend upon the chamber size. The general rule is to pack the chamber until it’s full. Then, slightly compress it using your fingers. Take note, vaporizers are fragile so you must not press it too hard.

Take Steady and Shallow Breaths

Take note that vaporizing is not the same as smoking a joint or bong. As such, don’t try to have fast and deep draws like how you do it when ripping a bong.

Moreover, don’t try to have little puffs just like how you do when sucking at the end of a joint. Instead, just relax and take steady and shallow breaths. Be careful in drawing the vapor into your mouth and lungs.

Finally, avoid holding the vapor in your lungs for a long time in the hope of getting higher. Studies show that most THC can be absorbed after a few seconds of inhalation.


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