Capital of Cannabis: The Rise of Legal Weed in D.C. Documentary Kickstarter

Capital of Cannabis: The Rise of Legal Weed in D.C. Documentary Kickstarter


We are raising money for the completion of a documentary film about the rise of legal cannabis in Washington D.C. The aim is to bring video from the most active videographers in D.C.’s Cannabis community into one definitive piece that shows the world how the Capital’s cannabis culture and industry has developed since legalization. If you don’t know what’s up with D.C. and cannabis here is a little bit of background.

Cannabis has been legal in Washington D.C. for nearly three years and a great deal has happened since that fateful day in February when legalization became official. A whole industry has flourished. A wave of people previously disenfranchised and persecuted by drug laws came out of hiding. They were finally able to openly and freely partake in their medicine of choice and share their passion for the plant with others.

Washington D.C.’s cannabis scene is unlike any other in the nation. While most of the cities new cannabis businesses are not condoned by the letter of the law they are allowed to operate and prosper without police interference. It is lawlessness at its best. A land without any enforced cannabis laws at all. How long will this last? No one knows.

Over the last year the capital’s cannabis culture and industry has been pressing the boundaries of the law and experimenting with what a city free of the drug war on pot will look like. Each of these pioneers has a unique story to tell, a lesson to teach, and a part in the history of the start of post-prohibition D.C. to play.

During this time of experimentation and growth, some of us in the community had our cameras rolling. As we enter our third year of freedom I want to bring all of this footage together into a feature length documentary film. Capital Of Cannabis:The Rise of Legal Marijuana in Washington D.C. will bring a truly comprehensive inside look at the East Coast’s first foray with legalization.

We are raising money to help finish this project that is years in the making. We need money for equipment rentals and purchases for the formal interview section of the documentary and post production costs. We also need money for promotion, film festival fees, and to secure a canna friendly movie theater in Washington for the premier. Please consider backing this campaign today.

This is a story that deserves to be told. Help us make that a reality by backing our kickstarter today.

Risks and challenges

Bringing people together to produce a film of any sort is a challenge. We believe that the major challenges have been surmounted though. The vast majority of the video that will be used in the documentary has already been produced. Whats left now is to put on the finishing touches and to make sure the film gets the attention it deserves.

We have experienced videographers, editors, and post production specialists all ready to go in finishing this film. Our main challenge is raising the funds to finish this project the way it is meant to be done. With your help we can overcome this obstacle.

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