Virginia Cannabis Events

Virginia Cannabis Events

We are happy to add Virginia marijuana events to the website! Governor Ralph Northam signed HB1251, expanding the affirmative defense for possession of medical cannabis oils to any diagnosed condition. You can skip to the bottom of the page for more details, here are the events:

November 2018

December 2018


Past Events

September 2018

October 2018


Virginia Cannabis Marijuana Law and affirmative defense 

A signed affirmative defense certificate may be submitted as a patient’s or caregiver’s defense in a Virginia court of law 10 days prior to trial if charged for possession.

1. Print the Affirmative Defense Certificate.

2. Take it to your physician and ask your doctor to sign it.

3. Keep the signed certificate with your oil at all times.

4. Present your certificate if questioned by law enforcement.

5. If not accepted and charged with possession, call an attorney or ask for court-appointed counsel.

6. Present your signed certificate 10 days prior to trial as directed.

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