Do Wax Pens Smell?

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Do Wax Pens Smell?

Wax pens are among the most popular of the latest types of vape devices, so there’s a lot to learn about them even for the experienced user. The subject of whether they smell is one that a lot of people ask. Not everyone wants to experience your vapour and not every user wants others to know what they are vaping, so discretion is always welcome.

However, the simple answer to the question above is yes, wax pens do smell, and we’ll cover that in more detail below. Before we go on to compare the wax pen with other devices, it’s worth talking about what they are and what they are used for, as well as why you may consider one instead of a different type of vape device. So, let’s not hang about!

Why a Wax Pen?
Let’s start with a confusing issue. The wax pen is often called a dab pen, but in fact true dabbing is something different. To dab is to use a dab rig – the vape equivalent of a regular bong – in which the wax is heated by a flame and inhaled as you would using the bong. This is a very effective way of enjoying your cannabis, CBD of other substances, so is worth checking out.

The dab rig is not exactly portable and will require a flat and smooth surface to work with. It’s not something you can use when out and about! A wax pen is portable, is convenient, and is a very popular way of getting your hit when you want it, and they are also not expensive. So how does it work?

If you’re new to wax pens the concept is very simple. You have a pen-shaped device – long and thin – that is compact and discreet. In consists of a reservoir or container into which you put the wax, which can be cannabis or other substances. Wax pens use a dab pen battery to heat a coil very quickly. The coil is usually made from materials such as ceramic and is designed to produce the right level of heat to vaporize the wax. All you do is simply inhale.

Some wax pens you need to press a button to get them to go, others you simply put to your mouth and take a draw and they act instantly. There are many different brands, types and varieties, and you will find some have temperature controls while others don’t. They are affordable and great for taking with you when out and about, and we recommend that you check out reputable online stores for the best choice.

The one thing they all have in common is that which is the purpose of the article: they do smell, but perhaps not as badly or annoyingly as you might think! After all, crack open a block of marijuana and that’s going to smell too!

How Much do Wax Pens Smell?
This depends upon a number of factors, starting with what it is you are vaping! Cannabis wax will, however, smell a lot less than if you were smoking cannabis thanks to the process involved. This is a much purer substance and will not linger as long. If you choose to smoke in a smaller room with little to no ventilation, of course the smell is going to be noticeable. In a larger room, however, those on the other side may not notice it although had you been smoking, they certainly would.

There are some ways you can alleviate and reduce the smell of vaping cannabis wax, so we recommend you try the following:

  •  Vaporize your wax close to an open window, a ventilator or an extractor fan. This will ensure the vapor is drawn away quickly, leaving little for others to notice. If this is not possible, perhaps vape outdoors
  • Take smaller draws more often and you’ll leave less of a vapor cloud, which means less smell overall. This is a technique you will get used to once you start vaping cannabis wax.
  • If you exhale upwards, you’ll get the advantage of the warm vapor rising which will help it dissipate more quickly and reduce the smell.
  • You can buy a Smoke Buddy which is a filter that you exhale through and it will cut down on the vapors that escape into the room.

We recommend that if you are in company you check whether your colleagues are happy with you vaping, as there may be some who don’t want to inhale the vapor you are creating. It’s only polite to make sure that others are OK, and you might find someone who wants to join you!

So, in summary, yes, your wax pen will smell when in use, but not as much as when smoking traditionally and if you follow the above tips you can help keep the smell to a minimum.

Do Wax Pens Smell

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