The Pink Fox Playhouse

The Pink Fox Playhouse

The Pink Fox Playhouse – Are you into Pop Culture? Cannabis? Epicurious?

Pink Fox invites you to join The Playhouse on Saturday nights!

With the District of Columbia as the backdrop to a burgeoning cannabis industry and culture, The Pink Fox Playhouse will spotlight this incredibly diverse and creative community through food, music & art.

PINK FOX started as something  small, an intimate exchange between friends. But like anything good, people wanted more, and the first rule of FIGHT CLUB was broken.

It turned out to be a very good thing. As our circle of friends grew, so did our community.

PINK FOX is excited and happy to share edibles in the metro Washington, D.C. area – in compliance with Initiative 71 – to get yours, information on cannabis in the District, or information on catering for your next party – contact us now!


PINK FOX was established on the belief that recreational cannabis consumption should be accessible and attainable for adults in a safe, responsible community environment.

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The Pink Fox Playhouse