Top Delta 8 Brands

Top Delta 8 Brands

Delta 8 is rapidly becoming the THC variant of choice for a lot of cannabis enthusiasts. It is gaining popularity due to its balanced high and the fact that it presents no side effects or complications of any kind.

However, if you’re someone new to Delta 8, choosing which brand to order your Delta 8 supply from can be tricky. With so many providers available, filtering out the best from the rest can be an onerous task. Every brand you take a look at will promise you the best experience and will claim to provide the best Delta 8 products in the market.

It is imperative to realize that all these brands and products do not always live up to the claims they make; some don’t even provide Delta 8 in its purest form. When it comes to situations like this, it is imperative to do your research and take expert opinion to pick the best brand for you.

To make your life easier, below, we have provided a list of the top Delta 8 brands that provide top-quality, authentic Delta 8 products for you to get your high on.

Delta Effex

Delta Effex is your answer if you’re looking for top-quality Delta 8 products with a huge variety of alternatives to pick from. If you visit the Green Dragon CBD website, you’ll find a broad range of Delta Effex products to choose from; from Delta 8 flowers to gummies and cartridges, everything is available.

These Delta 8 products are derived from the hemp plant and are completely legal. Delta Effex products are based on years of research and experimentation and come with verified lab results to ensure transparency.

The strains and flavors offered by Delta Effex make it different from all other providers in the market; these strains have derived from years of research and provide just what the user needs. RazzBerry Kush, Strawberry Cough, and Cali Orange Kush are a few of the best choices offered by Delta Effex.

Delta Effex provides top-quality Delta 8 tinctures, which you can’t find anywhere else. Delta 8 tinctures aren’t easy to find; Delta Effex provides the best tinctures that are super effective and can be ingested in a super simple way. Chill, Balance, and Focus; these tinctures are prudently named.

All Delta Effex products have a 5-star or a near 5-star rating and have received amazing reviews from the customers who have given them a shot.

Treetop Hemp Co.

Treetop Hemp Co. is among the best Delta 8 providers that you can find in the world today. It has a wide range of options for you to choose from; from Delta 8 cartridges to Delta 8 THC disposable vape pens, they have products to satisfy all your cravings.

These products are easy for you to carry and pack with all your stuff whenever you plan to go on a trip. The build quality for the disposable vape pens is top-notch and will last you for as long as you want. The disposable vape pens also come with a rechargeable battery, making your life even easier.

You can choose the strain of your choice; Treetop Hemp offers Indica dominant, Sativa dominant, and hybrid strains, meaning you don’t have to compromise on your preference. There are various flavors available for you to choose from; Blue Dream, Banana Runtz, Gelato, and Watermelon Zkittles are a few of the flavors offered by Treetop Hemp.

The customer satisfaction rate for Treetop Hemp is exceptionally high; users have described it as natural and smooth with a taste that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Canna River

Canna River offers a broad lineup of Delta 8 products; these range from Delta 8 gummies to tinctures and vape cartridges. Canna River is among the top tier of Delta 8 suppliers; it ensures no compromises are made on quality and provides third-party lab results with each produced batch.

The products provided by Canna River will satisfy all your needs and provide you with a high as pure as anything. You’ll be able to reap all the benefits of Delta 8 without facing any undesirable effects or complications.

They provide a range of flavors, including Banana Split, Hawaiian Snowcap, Island Splash, and many more; all these flavors are 100% natural and complement the strains they come with.

Canna River products are rated highly by customers and boast ratings that back up the claims made by the manufacturer.


Koi CBD, established in 2015, is an OG Delta 8 supplier. It has been around ever since the legal cannabis industry was beginning to take shape. Koi CBD has become an epitome of quality among Delta 8 providers; it has been a standard-setter ever since its introduction in the market.

Like the brands mentioned above, Koi provides a range of Delta 8 products. These include Delta 8 tinctures, gummies, and vape pens. These are all derived from the hemp plant and are completely legal for use within the United States.

The flavors range from Lemon haze to Sunset Gelato to Mango and Watermelon and have been termed delicious by the users who have given them a shot.

The brand also boasts a very high customer satisfaction rate and is recommended by various social media platforms.

Urb Finest Flowers

Urb Finest Flowers is set on providing the best quality Delta 8 products at the most affordable prices. Urb has a motto of “quality over everything”, and it is something that the manufacturer has ensured in all of the products it provides.

Urb uses a bit of science and nanotechnology to ensure its products produce the best possible results and provide the user with an experience to remember.

The variety offered by Urb sets it apart from its competitors; it offers vegan gummies, Delta 8 chocolate bars, and Delta 8 dabs, all of which are very hard to come across. Urb Finest flowers provide an exclusive set of options that make it the go-to brand for a lot of consumers.

How Were The Brands Ranked?

A variety of factors were considered during the making of these rankings; the factors were:

  • The potency of the product
  • The quality of the product
  • Ingredients used
  • Customer reviews
  • The reputation of the manufacturer
  • Third-party lab results
  • Price
  • Transparency of the manufacturer
  • Personal experience


This ranking provides you with the best Delta 8 providers on the market; all of the manufacturers mentioned above guarantee the best Delta 8 products and have a solid reputation in the space. If you order yourself a Delta 8 product from any of these suppliers, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the finest quality and the best results.

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