Edibles in DC

One of the best things since legalization in DC is the thriving market of edibles companies. The city has a a wide range and variety to sample from, these aren’t your buddy’s brownies that taste like a plant anymore either!  While you may not purchase marijuana edibles or cannabis edibles in DC right now, you are able to indulge in them. One of the many ways to obtaining  and sampling for yourself is to come out to  one of many DC Edibles events  that are always going on in the city! DC NORML also has a standing Wednesday night edibles and growers meeting I highly suggest as well.

Here are a just a few companies to get an idea of what the city has to offer:

A Taste of Heaven


Bud Appetit


DMV Organics


Fat Cat


MamaJuana Edibles


Triple C medicated candy


Supreme Delights


We Baked


If you wish to have your company added, please leave a comment here or in the new Facebook edibles group for DC: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DCEdibles/

For those of you DIYers, purchasing a Magical Butter machine should be #1 on your list.