Free Marijuana with Purchase

Free MarijuanaDC has no sales of marijuana and doesn’t allow for for donations for cannabis for recreational users. There are no retail recreational shops or stores in DC for marijuana – for locals, out of towners or DC residents who don’t have medical cards. That’s why under Initiative 71; DC companies can give Free Marijuana with Purchase ; just not sell or accept donations for marijuana.

DC Medical Marijuana card holders can buy from DC Dispensaries; locals can also join DC  Cannabis Collectives, and if you don’t know a local DC Grower, your last option is to find one of many local companies who give Free Cannabis with Purchase! How cool is that?

Some companies sell shirts, blown glass, backpacks, candy and some even sell some beautiful artwork! Make a purchase and you will receive Free Weed with Purchase as a gift!

All of the stores below are delivery services and are listed alphabetically. I have no association nor am I verifying any of these companies, yet.

Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please respect the cannabis laws during your time in Washington DC. Please read our full disclaimer here.

District of C


DMV Organics

High Speed

Kind Bag DC

King Weedy

Red Eye DC

Paper Boy Papers


Pink Fox


Shatterhouse Delivery


You can always look here to find where to buy weed in DC?

Free Marijuana with Purchase

Some stores give free marijuana with purchase too.