How to Get Weed in Washington, D.C.

How to Get Weed in Washington, D.C.

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Though Washington, D.C. was among the first places in the country to legalize marijuana for recreational use, it is a mistake to think that the district’s cannabis program operates like similar ones in Colorado, California or Michigan. Weed is legal for adults 21 and older, but it is technically illegal to buy or sell any recreational cannabis products anywhere in D.C. territory.

Unfortunately, this can make it quite difficult for D.C. visitors to get their hands on the good green stuff during their trip, especially if they don’t have any friends or family in the area. Though pot shops do exist, they aren’t typically advertised or well-marked — and they don’t operate like recreational retail stores in other states. If you are visiting the nation’s capital and want to celebrate democracy with dope or a dab, here’s what you can do to get high.

Order a Weed Delivery
Though you might miss the experience of visiting a dispensary, smelling all the dank aromas and handling different products in person, ordering weed online is the easiest and best way to get cannabis goodies while you are in Washington, D.C. Delivery services list products online and bring purchased items right to your door in discreet packages, which makes the entire process feel streamlined and safe. Unlike in other states and cities, most weed delivery services are run by exceedingly small operations, some of whom small-batch their flower in-house, so you should leave a rating and review if you are satisfied to give the business a bump.

Go Back to Maryland
If you are a Maryland resident visiting D.C. for the weekend, it might be wise to stock your stash before your trip. Though recreational weed is not yet legal in the Old Line State, Maryland has a robust medical cannabis program and dispensaries in almost every county — with a particular density along the border with D.C. It isn’t particularly difficult to get a medical marijuana license in Maryland (assuming you are already a resident), so it might be simpler for you to find weed in your home state before you travel.

Look for Cannabis Charities
The people of Washington, D.C. are careful to abide by the cannabis law, which states that buying and selling recreational weed products is prohibited — but giving small gifts of marijuana is not. As a result, some so-called cannabis charities will gladly accept small donations and reward patrons’ generosity with legal quantities of good kush. If you pass by a store that is collecting donations for weed — but the language about their charitable works is quite vague — you have probably stumbled upon a cannabis vendor you can trust.

Pay a Visit to a Smoke Shop
Recreational dispensaries are illegal, but smoke shops are not. As a result, it isn’t difficult to find stores selling all manner of smoking accoutrements, from rolling papers and pipes to tabletop vapes and dab rigs. You might notice that the price tags on some items is a bit higher than you might pay at a similar store in Maryland or Virginia — and that is because some purchases come with a small gift of weed. Just as charities are not prohibited from rewarding patrons, businesses can also thank their customers with small offerings. However, to ensure you don’t waste too much money on smoke items you don’t need, you might ask about the store’s weed policy beforehand.

Attend a Marijuana Event
Though 2020 was lousy when it came to events of any kind, you might schedule your 2021 D.C. trip during a marijuana event. Though larger cities and states might have only a few cannabis events scheduled every year, D.C. enjoys a higher frequency of smaller events, like pop-up markets, block parties and more. You should be able to find public-oriented events scheduled online; to get in, you might need to request an invitation from the host or buy a ticket. You will need to be over 21 years old to enter these events, but once you are there, the pot can flow freely through gifts and trades. Plus, these events are excellent opportunities to grow your D.C. weed network, so it won’t be quite as difficult to get dank buds during your next trip to the capital.

Washington, D.C. has an interesting marijuana policy that has hardly interfered with anyone’s intention to get their hands on that good green herb. As they say in D.C., weed finds a way, so you should have plenty of opportunities to get high on your next D.C. adventure.

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