Daily High Club review

Daily High Club review

Signed up on 10-2-2018 and will post an update upon delivery .

Daily High Club

Daily High Club has 3 pricing tiers and we signed up for The DHC Primo Box on 10-2-2018

The DHC Primo Box – $30
Our monthly smoking accessories subscription box plans are the ultimate starter packs, filled with epic supplies like brand new glass on the regular, $80 worth of accessories, and exclusive products from our monthly collabs. This month’s box is packed with our favorite smoking supplies for on-the-go!

Connoisseur Box – $12
This monthly smoking box has all of the essentials: rolling papers, lighters, cleaning accessories, and then some. It’s the ultimate pack when you are feeling down to try something new. Sign up for the plan and keep getting awesome new gear to try every month, or switch out for a different option when you’re ready. The best reason to try out the Connoisseur? Free shipping! Absolutely free shipping. Anywhere in the USA.

The Ultimate Starter Pack –  $1
Our All Natural box is one deal you don’t want to pass up. For just $1 (plus shipping) you’ll get a new box sent straight to your door every month. You don’t have to do anything after your first sign-up!