Free GoBee Atomizers! 🐝

Free GoBee Atomizers! 🐝

Free GoBee Atomizers! 🐝You probably could use a fresh atomizer as we head towards the end of this crazy year, so Bee-Nails has you covered.

Use code FREEATOMIZER at checkout on any Dual Quartz or Ceramic GoBee Atomizer 2-Pack or 5-Pack and get the price of one atomizer discounted from your purchase.

The atomizer 5 pack is already discounted so if you use the code on a 5 pack you will get 5 for the price of 3.2 ISH.

See why the GoBee has been named the best dab pen of 2020 and Bee Your Best with a fresh pack of atomizers!

Offer valid until midnight of Friday November 13th!

Direct link to site:

Free GoBee Atomizers! 🐝

How to get a Free GoBee Atomizers ! 🐝


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