Best Grinder for Weed

Best Grinder for Weed

We searched high and low, asked all around, took all that data and BOOM, take a look at our list of some of the best grinders for weed.

Phoenician Grinder The Phoenician grinder comes at a high price but we feel it’s worth every dollar. Medical Grade, 6061 Aerospace Aluminum with Replaceable Screens. Lid Has Built-In 1 1/4″ Size Papers Holder and Ashtray. Optional rubber bumpers for around lid to avoid scratches.No Threads, Patent Pending Fast Lock System.

Kannastor Grinder The Kannastor Multi Chamber grinders break down to a slimmer, more portable 3 piece configuration by simply removing the sifting chamber and are the most versatile and advanced herb grinder on the market. All Multi-Chamber Kannastor grinders include a 60 mesh stainless steel screen element. Available in 60 mesh and 100 mesh monofilament with a 30 day Warranty on all screens.

Space Case Grinder Space Case Grinders are known for quality. Large, 4 piece grinder with screen and bottom catch. Features neodymium magnets. Diamond cut teeth. Includes Cali Crusher press.

Cali Crusher Grinder Cali Crusher Grinders are USA made; manufactured in San Diego California. 4 piece grinder made from aerospace grade aluminum. Features patented dual action radial cut teeth for maximum shredding. Contains neodymium rare earth magnets for superior closure. Exterior bead blasted for scratch resistant finish.

Santa Cruz Grinder The Santa Cruz Grinder offers a 7 catch thread design automatically prevents cross-threading. Diameter 2 3/4 inches, height 2 inches. Deep knurled grip pattern makes it easier to twist the grinder. Cali Crusher press included in the purchase.

SLX Grinder The SLX Grinder is non-Stick 4 Piece Grinder. 2.4″ Inch w/ La Grinders Pollen Press

Sharpstone Grinder The Sharpstone Grinder is an Xlarge 4 Piece Grinder. 3 Inches.


If we had to pick just one…. our pick is ….. The Phoenician grinder

Best Grinder for Weed